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Elisa Microplate Washer Ideal Microplate Washing Instrument for Laboratory and Research

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1.8 inch color touch screen, Chinese menu, high sensitivity.

2. Servo motor high precision positioning.

3.The position of the cleaning needle can be fine-tuned, and the water discharge mode of the spray plate: (multiple of 16) 16-32-48-64-80-96 randomly cloth the plate, and freely switch horizontally and vertically.

4.Automatic alarm when the liquid level is low.

5.Inclined chamber for more thorough drainage.

6.The built-in multi-layer filter device filters the crystalline liquid to ensure that the hole is not blocked.

7.Isolation baffle to ensure that there is no water on the back of the microplate.

8.Intracavity dewatering device without manual clapper.

Vertical washing methodMulti-layer filtration, no hole blocking, nozzle can be disassembled independently, easy to maintain.Built-in centrifugeNo need for a manual clapper
Cleaning modeMultiples of 16 (16-32-48-64-80-96 adjustable).Cleaning head96 holes (16-32-48-64-80-96 holes horizontal and vertical layout can be adjusted).
Typesetting modeHorizontal and vertical typesetting mode (16-32-48-64-80-96 horizontal and vertical typesetting can be adjusted and switched to save liquid).Applicable versionFlat bottom, U shape, V shape
Washboard positionSingle-board (A or B) and dual-board (A-B) cleaning is efficient, and the entire cleaning process is shorter than 20 secondsCleaning modeSingle board, double board and multiple board, no counterweight is required
Cleaning frequency1 to 999 times adjustableCleaning arrayA-B-C-D-E-F cleaning square, cloth plate does not need spacing
Pressure setting1-10, a total of 10 levels adjustableSoaking timeAdjustable from 0 to 999 seconds
Cleaning timeAdjustable from 0 to 999 secondsDehydration timeAdjustable from 0 to 999 seconds
Flushing timeAdjustable from 0 to 999 secondsDehydration rateAdjustable up to 1400rpm (+ - 10%)
Positioning positionHigh precision positioning by servo motorAlarm reminderInsufficient lotion and distilled water alarm
Volumetric flaskThree 10000ml high strength liquid drumsOpen designWork bin cover safety test, the internal working condition is clearly visible
BiosafetyInclined inner bin bottom design, waste liquid automatic discharge, with strong discharge function to ensure that there is no water in the binBoard cleaning programThe memory of 120 groups of washing program, to meet a variety of washing requirements
Washing modeMultiple washing modes, one-time washing and multiple cleaning methodsLiquid channelThree liquid channels, automatic switching
Liquid alarmInsufficient liquid automatic alarm and stop working, all liquid bottles have alarm functionself-testBoot automatic detection, automatic flushing, running shutdown program automatic flushing, to ensure the smooth flow of liquid
Hole layoutThe number of holes on the enzyme-labeled plate is insufficient, no need to fill holes, and the plate is not discontinuousPause functionWith the pause and stop function, you can pause or stop the operation during the washing process.
Power supply110220V±10%;5060Hz±1HzWorking environmentAmbient temperature 5℃ ~ 40℃; Relative humidity ≤80%
Overall dimension460×380×340mm(L×W×H)Weight20kg

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