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Intelligent Incubator with Constant Temperature and Humidity

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Intelligent Incubator Offering Precise Temperature and Humidity Regulation

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Constant temperature and humidity incubator has precise temperature and humidity control system, which can provide all kinds of environmental simulation conditions needed for industrial research and biotechnology testing. Applicable to environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture, livestock, aquatic products and other scientific research, colleges and production departments. It is a constant temperature and humidity equipment for water quality analysis, BOD test, breeding test and plant cultivation.

● Ultrasonic humidification, reliable humidification, uniform humidity;

● Adopt the whole foam door structure, good heat insulation performance;

● High precision, large capacity humidity generator. Ensure humidity control occurs quickly, with high precision and small fluctuation;

● J originally imported fully enclosed compressor, with independent temperature limit alarm system, delay start, high and low temperature multiple protection, to ensure the safe operation of equipment;

● Unique stainless steel circulation duct, forced air circulation, uniform temperature;

● With super mild sensor abnormal protection function, to ensure the safety of instruments and samples.

ModelVolume(L)Inside dimension(MM|)External dimension(MM)Temperature control(℃)Humidity control range
KHG-608Y608600*635*1280700*900*19700-60℃ ±0.5~1℃50~95% ±5%RH

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