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Mini plate spinner centrifuge

Uncover the significance of Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge for Your Science Experiments.

Have you been sick and tired of prepared hours for your science experiments become finished? Can you desire to up speed your process and augment the precision of your testing? In the event that is the case, you need to contemplate using the mini plate spinner centrifuge, also the MKE Centrifuge's product such as high volume centrifuge.


A mini plate spinner centrifuge is a concise and instrument powerful can easily and efficiently separate liquids plus solids in their examples, the same as hematocrit capillary tube centrifuge manufactured by MKE Centrifuge. It may spin around 6 microplates in just a minutes being saving few a lot of the time. Furthermore, this product's high accuracy plus rate makes it perfect for various applications, from PCR preparation to DNA extraction, and more.

Why choose MKE Centrifuge Mini plate spinner centrifuge?

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How to Use?

To use our mini plate spinner centrifuge:

Step 1: Load your sample to the microplate.

Step 2: Place the microplate in to the centrifuge.

Step 3: Close the lid, the same as centrifuge system developed by MKE Centrifuge.

Step 4: Place the spin time and speed.

Step 5: Press start plus wait for designated time.


At MKE Centrifuge, we offering exceptional client service, also the MKE Centrifuge's product such as blood tube centrifuge. When you have any questions that are relevant concerns about our product, we are thrilled to help. We additionally offer a guarantee on our products, ensuring a quality is being found by you instrument that you is dependent upon.


The mini plate spinner centrifuge is created using top-quality materials that ensure it is longevity, similar to the centrifuge speed for blood separation supplied by MKE Centrifuge. Moreover, our product undergoes testing ensure rigorous it meets all necessary safety plus quality standards.

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