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Centrifuge Applications: From Food Industry to Biopharmaceuticals

Publish Time: 2023-06-15 Views: 43

Centrifuges play a crucial role in various industries, with applications ranging from food processing to biopharmaceuticals. They are categorized as low-speed or high-speed centrifuges based on rotational speeds, and as room temperature or frozen centrifuges based on temperature requirements.

The versatile applications of centrifuges include dehydration, clarification, concentration, classification, and separation processes. Different centrifuge models are chosen based on specific needs. Dehydration and clarification involve solid-liquid separation, where dehydration removes liquid from solids and clarification removes solids from liquids. Concentration increases the solid concentration in suspensions. Grading separates particles based on size, while separation deals with immiscible liquid phases or emulsions.


Let's delve into the wide-ranging applications of centrifuges and their significance across different sectors:

Food Industry:

Dairy products: Achieve optimal quality by desalting whey, degreasing, and collecting oligosaccharides.

Beverages: Concentrate juices, tea, and prepare mineral water and purified water by eliminating impurities.

Soybean products: Filter soybean polypeptides, concentrate proteins, isolate isoflavones, refine lecithin, and extract oligosaccharides.

Other applications: Aid in sugar making, starch clarification, and dehydration processes.


Enzyme recovery: Efficiently retrieve valuable enzymes for further applications.

Bacterial and seaweed separation: Precisely separate and purify target components.

Downstream product separation: Facilitate the separation of peptides and amino acids.

Marine Bio-pharmaceutical Field:

Drug desalination: Remove salts from pharmaceutical compounds for enhanced purity.

Separation of fermentation and protein broths: Isolate desired components for downstream processing.

Refining traditional Chinese medicine materials: Purify and extract active compounds.

Antibiotic concentration: Enhance the potency of antibiotics for therapeutic applications.

Moreover, centrifuges find extensive utility in the extraction processes of both plant and animal extracts, showcasing their remarkable versatility across diverse industries. With their ability to achieve precise separation and concentration of desired components, centrifuges have become indispensable assets for research, development, and quality control endeavors in multiple fields.

By understanding the wide-ranging applications of centrifuges, industries can leverage their capabilities for efficient and precise separation processes, enhancing productivity and product quality.

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