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Warranty Terms

MKE products are covered by a limited warranty:

✔ 1 year for the entire machine, 3 years for the compressor, and 5 years for the motor.

✔ An extended warranty option is available for an additional fee.

✔ Consumables are not covered.

✔ For customized, prototype, sales demo, and agent products, returns and replacements are not supported.

Warranty Coverage

✔ MKE determines rejection, replacement, or repair for quality issues within 90 days of Acceptance.

✔ Free maintenance within the warranty period and scope.

✔ Replacement parts guaranteed for six months.

✘ Exclusions:

1. Beyond warranty period.

2. Adverse power/environmental conditions.

3. Combination with incompatible products.

4. Tampering with serial number or label.

5. Improper use or maintenance.

6. Unauthorized servicing.

7. Non-MKE authorized products.

8. Force majeure events.

Service Commitment

✔ Free hardware/software maintenance within warranty.

✔ Factory maintenance includes freight and customs.

✔ Post-warranty, costs borne by customer.

✔ Lifelong technical support.

✔ Quick response and solution.

✔ Remote technical support and on-site training.

✔ Distributor assistance for installation and maintenance.

● Machine Installation and Training

Comprehensive user manual and video provided.

Choose factory or online training:

● Factory Training

Hands-on installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

● On-site Training

Convenient, online session via messaging software.

● Customer Complaints Resolution

Efficient, four-step resolution process:

1. Customer complaints.

2. Solution provision.

3. Feasibility discussion.

4. Satisfaction surveys.

Contact After-Sales Service

We value your feedback.

For inquiries or assistance, contact us via email: [email protected]. Our dedicated service team and technical experts will promptly assist you.

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