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Agents and Distributors Wanted

Join our network as an agent or distributor and tap into the global demand for exceptional OEM brand centrifuges and accessories.

We're actively seeking partners who aspire to elevate their businesses with premium products.

Benefit from competitive pricing and remarkable centrifuge offerings, ensuring substantial profit margins.

At MKE, our commitment to shared success is unwavering.

Every client, regardless of size or status, receives equal respect.

Our unique advantages:

● Manufacturing Excellence:

Our 3000㎡ space guarantees seamless production, quality control, and timely delivery.

● Competitive Pricing:

Our flexible pricing policies secure success across diverse projects.

● Punctual Deliveries:

Our robust supply chain guarantees timely product arrival.

● Joint Growth:

Our project policy upholds dealer rights and offers Golden/Exclusive dealer opportunities.

● Product Mastery:

We equip you with digital resources and training for triumph at every project stage.

● Exceptional Support:

Our seasoned overseas team ensures swift, efficient responses to inquiries.

● On-site Partnership:

We stand by you for exhibitions, workshops, and local training visits.

Curious about our successful collaborations? Explore our Projects section at

or follow us on Facebook at

We frequently share installation images and videos from satisfied clients.

Elevate your business potential with us.

Reach out to [email protected], sharing your role, business, local market successes, and contact details.

Together, we thrive.

Contact us today!



MKE Building, Sanhe Zhihui Industrial Park, Guyuan Road No. 426, Changsha High-techDevelopment Zone, Hunan, China




[email protected]





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