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Hunan Michael Laboratory Instruments Co.,Ltd, Unveiled Innovative Products at CACLP 19th Expo

Publish Time: 2023-03-15 Views: 28

Hunan Michael Laboratory Instruments Co.,Ltd attended the 19th China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instrument and Reagent Expo (CACLP) and the 2nd China International IVD Upstream Raw Material Manufacturing and Distribution Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) in 2023. The event is an annual academic exchange event of laboratory medicine industry, academia, research, and application. The expo also serves as an opportunity for in vitro diagnostic production and operation, circulation and application, information and sharing, exchange, and communication, investment and financing, and cooperation.

With an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, the CACLP Expo had 1,432 exhibitors from nearly 20 countries and regions, including Germany, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Korea, and Singapore. This prestigious event brought together experts from all over the world to showcase their innovative products and cutting-edge technologies.

Hunan Michael Laboratory Instruments Co.,Ltd participated in the event, and its booth number was B5-0704. The company showed its full range of innovative products, including high-speed frozen centrifuges, large-capacity frozen centrifuges, low-speed frozen centrifuges, table-top centrifuges, medical centrifuges, beauty centrifuges, high-speed frozen centrifuges, room temperature centrifuges, cell smear centrifuges, blood type card special centrifuges, slide drying centrifuges, and biopharmaceuticals.

The company's products and technologies were highly appreciated by the visitors, and they attracted a lot of attention from the professionals in the field. As a manufacturer with a comprehensive range of laboratory instruments and equipment, Hunan Michael Laboratory Instruments Co.,Ltd has received numerous awards and recognitions. Their presence in the expo helped them connect with clients from different countries, which will help them expand their business globally.

Hunan Michael Laboratory Instruments Co.,Ltd showcased its innovative products at the CACLP 19th Expo, and it was an excellent opportunity to exhibit their new products on a global platform. The company's products and technologies have received tremendous appreciation, and their presence in the expo has helped them capture new clients from different countries.


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