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Michael Laboratory(MKE) Holds Workshop Safety Training Event in 2023

Publish Time: 2023-02-18 Views: 30

On February 18th, Michael held its first workshop safety training event of the year. With safety being a top priority for all employees, the company believes that learning about safety is an ongoing process. Instilling safety awareness into every aspect of work is a reflection of Michael's care and love for its employees.


The training activity focused on providing more detailed precautions for workshop employees when using assembly tools, supporting equipment, and fire-fighting facilities. During the training, everyone actively discussed and exchanged ideas, working together to solve various problems encountered in their work.

Following the production workshop safety training, the company's administrative department, technical operation department, e-commerce department, international trade division, and backbone post employees organized their own study sessions. The company's General Manager, Wang Jianhui, also provided a detailed product business knowledge popularization to all employees.

Michael believes that every position should have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the company's products. To achieve this, the company encourages its employees to learn a little bit every day and make progress. Michael understands that its mission is not only to achieve the brand but also to achieve the well-being of its staff. Together, the company aims to create first-class products and a first-class enterprise.

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