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Three-door Cold LED Light Incubator for the Study of Plant Light Reaction and Photosynthesis

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1.This box is a professional box for the study of plant light reaction and photosynthesis.

2.Red (620nm), blue (460nm) LED light source (cold light source), the light beam does not generate heat, and extract the light conducive to plant growth.

3.LED light source has the characteristics of miniaturization, planarization and strong designability. It can be liberated from the limitation of traditional point and line light source, realize the random arrangement of dot matrix of light source, and can be freely combined and matched by multi-color light distribution ratio.

4, Energy saving -----LED light source energy consumption is extremely low, about 80% lower than ordinary light source, so the power consumption is extremely low. And the machine adopts foam insulation technology, so that the energy consumption is reduced to the minimum, greatly saving the cost of the machine. And the accident rate of the machine is significantly reduced, the free insurance period is extended to two years from the conventional one year.

5, Provide accurate and stable illumination: more than 50,000 hours, long service life, photoelectric conversion efficiency is high. Longer life than ordinary light source use up to 16 times more.

ModelVolume(L)Inside dimension(MM|)External dimension(MM)Temperature control(℃)illumination intensity(LUX)Remark
KHG-1500A-L15001700*530*12801800*790*19700-60℃ ±0.5~1℃0-5500Three- door, LED bead light, light linear 0-100% adjustable. Default is 5500k monochromatic light Optional red, blue, yellow and other light

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