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Plasma Gel Card Centrifuge 12/24 Blood Grouping Typing Id Serological

Applications:●ABO blood type test test
●Rh blood group antigen test
●Irregular antibody screening
●Cross match
●HDN detection
●Platelet antibody screening
●Platelet crossmatch
Max.RCF1554 xg
Max.Capacity24 cards
Matched RotorsDisk card rotors
Model Number:TBTC12 (old model: XK-12B)
Certification:CE, ISO13485,ISO9001:2015
Warranty1 year warranty for the whole machine, 3 years warranty for the compressor and 5 years warranty for the motor. Free replacement parts and shipping within warranty.
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Micro column gel technology is extensively employed in blood serology, routine serum detection, red blood cell washing, microcolumn gel immunoassay experiments, and other applications due to its standardized operation and sensitive testing capabilities. The TBTC12 (old model: XK-12B) blood gel card desktop low-speed centrifuge with a 12/24 card rotor meets the standard operation requirements for batch processing. The system features microcomputer control and automatic imbalance detection technology, ensuring easy operation and precise detection results. This instrument is essential for experimental hematology in hospitals and blood banks.

Principle for Blood Gel Card(ID-Card) Centrifuge

The principle behind the Blood Gel Card Centrifuge is based on the microcolumn gel immunoreaction, specifically the red blood cell agglutination test, also known as microcolumn gel hemagglutination assay (MGHA). Within the microcolumn gel tube, the red blood cells and their corresponding antibodies combine to form a clump of red blood cells. Through low-speed centrifugation, the clot is positioned either on the surface or within the gel, while the red blood cells that are not bound to the antibody settle at the bottom of the tube (the tip of the tube bottom).


The advantages of Micro Column Gel Technology include its simplicity of operation, lack of washing and confirmation tests for negative results, which solves the problem of the Coombs test being difficult to routinely apply in clinical practice due to its complexity and time-consuming nature. It also promotes the incomplete antibody detection theory to become the clinical "gold standard". The system can process multiple specimens at once (12/24 cards), enabling the detection of a large number of clinical specimens. Additionally, it offers advantages such as accuracy, sensitivity, minimal specimen consumption, long-term storage of results, easy standardization, and safer operation.

Paternity Testing Method

The Paternity Testing Method involves the use of ABO blood type positive and negative type and RhD blood type test cards to detect human ABO and RhD antigens. The column agglutination method (microcolumn gel method) is a commonly used immunological method for blood group identification, in which red blood cell antigens and corresponding antibodies agglutinate in a microcolumn gel medium. This method is standardized and quantified, ensuring the accuracy of the results.

The following steps are involved in the process:

1.Blood sample collection (note: samples containing abnormally increased serum protein should be washed sufficiently before use).

2. Blood sample processing:

(i) Centrifuge the anticoagulated whole blood sample at 900~1000g centrifugal force for 5 minutes, the lower layer is the concentrated packed red blood cells with a concentration of about 80%. Carefully absorb the upper plasma in another test tube, which can be used directly in the experiment.

(ii) Dilute the packed red blood cells to be tested: Take 8-10μl packed red blood cells and add 1ml red blood cell diluent. The appearance should be a uniform light red with no flocs or blood clots. (iii) Dilute the red blood cells: Take 8-10μl packed red blood cells and add 1ml red blood cell diluent. The appearance should be a uniform light red with no flocs or blood clots.

3. Blood type card operation:

1) Mark the prepared micro-living gel reagent card.

2) Add the prepared red blood cell suspension to the first to fourth tubes respectively, and add the diluted inverted red blood cells to the fifth to sixth tubes.

3) Immediately centrifuge for 5 minutes (900rpm for 2 minutes, 1500rpm for 3 minutes) in a blood type card centrifuge, and take out the result of the naked eye judgment.


● Microprocessor control with Brushless Motor. Accurate speed control.

● Easy operation. Colorful digital screen indicates all running parameters. Automatic lid -open alarm when the instrument is off.

● Professional programming design. No need for manual setting. Just run it.

TBTC12 Centrifuge

User friendly

● Automatic lid-locking and holding during rotor run.

● Self-diagnostic system with high-strength chamber-coating and protective.

● "Mute" patented technology, the highest speed operation is less than 50 decibels.

● Automatic rpm/rcf conversion.

TBTC12 Centrifuge


● Produced according to international safety regulations (e.g. IEC 61010).

● Safety Electrical lid interlock,door can not open when rotor is running and machine won’t run when lid open and error code appears.

● Emergency lid-lock release when power failure(very useful in an unexpected power interruption).

● Safety protections are made for the over speed to ensure the man machine safety.

TBTC12 Centrifuge

Speed range(rpm)0-3500rpm adjustableNoise(dBA)≦50 dB(A)
Max Capacity(ml)24 cardsDimension(mm)430*320*250mm(12 cards)
440*400*230mm(24 cards)
RCF range (xg)0-1554xg adjustableNet weight13 KG (with 12 cards)
22KG (with 24 cards)
Power supplyAC220V,50HZ,5A,60W
No.ItemCapacityRotational speedMax.RCFTimeNote



Pre-centrifuge program group12 cards3500r/min1232xg1 minuteProgram group can be set for different blood type cards.



Test program group12 cards900r/min81xg2 minutes
1500r/min226xg3 minutes



Pre-centrifuge program group24 cards3500r/min1554xg1 minute



Test program group24 cards800r/min81xg2 minutes
1335r/min226xg3 minutes

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