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Premium Quality High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge for Advanced Laboratories

Applications:Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics, Food Labs, Universities & Colleges, Pharmaceutical Labs, Cell Culture Labs
Max.Speed21000rpm with fixed angle rotor 12x1.5/2.2ml
Max.Capacity4*100ml fixed angle rotor
Temperature control range-20℃~+40℃
Matched RotorsFixed angle rotors
Model Number:TR21-M (old model:TGL-20M)
Certification:CE, ISO13485,ISO9001, SFDA
Warranty1 year warranty for the whole machine, 3 years warranty for the compressor and 5 years warranty for the motor. Free replacement parts and shipping within warranty.
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Benchtop high speed refrigerated centrifuge TR21-M can reach a maximum speed of 21000rpm, it can fit fixed angle head rotors for variable volumes,the max capacity is 4*100ml.

The refrigeration feature allows for temperature control during the separation process, which is important for maintaining the integrity of certain samples. It is designed to accommodate various types of fixed-angle rotors and adapters, making it suitable for high-speed centrifugation of volumes ranging from 0.2ml to 100ml. Its compact design makes it ideal for laboratories with limited space.


● Metal housing, metal lid, and stainless steel centrifuge chamber are autoclave-able and resistant detergents and disinfection liquids.

● Observations window on lid for speed calibration and noise measurement.

● Microprocessor control with frequency conversion A.C. motor drive

● LCD Display the parameters of Speed, Timer, RCF, Rotors, Program(Memory), Acceleration& Deceleration information and Error code information.

● Double layers sealing ring made for the centrifuge lid and the instrument to keep long good sealing.

TR21-M: Benchtop High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

User friendly

● CFC-free refrigerant, temperature sensor inside the chamber, pre-cooling feature, precise temperature control up to – 20°C.

● Programmable and storable, stores up to 30 programs and provides direct user access with one keystroke save. The stored parameter: combination remains in the memory even after the centrifugation has been switched off.

● Provides the 10 acceleration rates and 10 braking ramp, to effectively avoid secondary sedimentation, with better centrifugation effect.

● Automatic lid-locking and holding during rotor run

● Easily exchangeable rotors, special rotor connector which makes it easy to load and unload rotor.

● Automatic troubleshooting with indication of error code and alarm on the screen.

● Noise level lower than 58 decibel at the highest rotational speed.

● Automatic rotor identification system, coded rotor identification prevents the rotor from over speeding.

TR21-M: Benchtop High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge


● Safety and Standards Certification: CE

● Product Safety: EN61010-1 and EN 61010-2-020 ,

● Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN 61326-1

● Safety Electrical lid interlock,door can not open when rotor is running and machine won’t run when lid open and error code appears.

● Emergency lid-lock release when power failure(very useful in an unexpected power interruption).

● Gas hinge for lid drop protection.

● Safety protections are made for the over speed, over heating(motor, chamber), imbalance etc to ensure the man machine safety.

TR21-M: Benchtop High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Speed range(rpm)0-21000rpm adjustableTime range1-99minutes 59s adjustable
Max Capacity(ml)4*100mlSpeed accuracy±10r/min
RCF range (xg)0-31061xg adjustableACC/DEC1-10 rates
Temperature control range-9℃~+40℃Temperature control accuracy±1℃
Noise(dBA)≦58dB(A)Net weight(without rotor)80KGS
Power supplyAC220V,50HZ,10A, 1000WDimension(mm)600x570x380mm(LxWxH)
No.ItemMax. capacityMax.speedMax.RCFNote
NO.11Angle rotor12×1.5/2.2ml21000r/min31061xgPP/PC tube
Adapter12×0.5mlPP/PC tube
Adapter12×0.2mlPP/PC tube
NO.24Angle rotor12×5ml14000r/min20378xgPP/PC tube
Adapter12×1.5mlPP/PC tube
NO.35Angle rotor12×10ml15000r/min23120xgPP/PC tube
Adapter12×5mlPP/PC tube
Adapter12×1.5mlPP/PC tube
NO.42Angle rotor24×1.5/2.2ml16000r/min22896xgPP/PC tube
Adapter24×0.5mlPP/PC tube
Adapter24×0.2mlPP/PC tube
N0.56Angle rotor48×1.5/2.2ml14000r/min20378xgPP/PC tube
Adapter48×0.5mlPP/PC tube
Adapter48×0.2mlPP/PC tube
NO.63Angle rotor12×8×0.2ml14000r/min23120xgPCR 8-tube strips
NO.77Angle rotor10×15ml13000r/min20595xgPP/PC tube
Adapter10×10mlPP/PC tube
Adapter10×5mlPP/PC tube
Adapter10×1.5mlPP/PC tube
NO.88Angle rotor6×50ml13000r/min17005xgPP/PC tube
Adapter6×15mlPP/PC tube
Adapter6×10mlPP/PC tube
Adapter6×3×1.5mlPP/PC tube
NO.99Angle rotor4×100ml11000r/min13280xgPP/PC tube
Adapter4×50mlPP/PC tube
Adapter4×15mlPP/PC tube
Adapter4×10mlPP/PC tube
Adapter4×3×5mlPP/PC tube
Adapter4×4×1.5mlPP/PC tube

1.Professional centrifuge manufacturer, competitive price.

2.ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, SFDA Certification, all machines undergo strict quality testing and good packaging before transportation.

3.Long-term technical support and professional customer service at every stage of the product sales, delivery and operation.Our highly qualified and experienced service team providing you with a unique level of support for your purchase for it's entire lifetime.

4.We can also offer customized solutions for clients' special requirements.

5.Powered with an efficient team of engineers backed by years of experience in their respective fields, the company ensures each and every product that leaves the manufacturing unit is up to the mark in all respects.


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