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Integrated water supply system for clinical lab

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Integrated Ultrapure Water Purification Machine for Clinical Use with Middle Consumption of Water MK-JC

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● Fully automatic operation, power-on self-test, raw water under-pressure protection, over-pressure/water full automatic Shutdown, real-time monitoring of tap water conductivity, pure water conductivity, EDI water resistance LCD liquid crystal display such as rate, product water resistivity, etc.

● Using Cortex-A8 processor 7-inch man-machine interface and microcomputer control, all Program real-time animation simulation display, with parameter modification and data storage and printing functions.

● Components adopt imported and domestic top brand accessories to make the system run more stably To ensure the quality of effluent water.

● System running cumulative time and real-time time display, system timing switch function Can, switch machine time and week users set freely.

● System failure alarm and consumable replacement alarm function, the display window displays the alarm in real time Police content.

● The system is fully automatic flushing design and internal circulation function, prolonging the service life of RO .

● Components adopt imported and domestic top brand accessories to make the system run more smoothly Stable to ensure the quality of effluent water.

● The system can upgrade the remote monitoring function, which can realize remote operation and animation simulation Real-time monitoring, sound-activated alarm, data printing and other functions.

● PLC , LCD touch screen, DCS , camera monitoring and other technologies to achieve Remote automatic display, operation and control. The computer records the operating parameters of the equipment, Print the report, which is convenient for analyzing the data correlation between the experimental water quality and the experimental results.

Influent water quality will affect the quality of pure water and the life of consumables, When the water TDS ≥ 500 ppm , it is recommended to use a pre-double softening device or a two-stage reverse osmosis process

Technical Parameters

type NumberMK - JC 300/500/1000L- RD , MK - JC 300/500 /1000L-2 RD , MK - JC 300/500/1000L-2 RDE
process flowReverse osmosis + purification process / reverse osmosis + purification process + EDI / Two-stage reverse osmosis + purification process + EDI
Water production300/500/1000L/H
Product water qualityGrade I reverse osmosis conductivity ≤10 us / cm (25℃), Grade I reverse osmosis conductivity N/A, ≤5 us / cm (25°C), ED resistivity N/A, 10- 15 MQ / cm (25℃), Number of particles (0 . 22 um )<1/ ml ,

System Requirements

Water requirementsMunicipal tap water
Inlet pressure0.2-0.4Mpa
electrical requirements380V/AC 50Hz
achievement Rate2-5KW
temperature Spend5-45℃
Installation EnvironmentVentilation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion

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