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Intelligent Biochemical Incubator

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Intelligent Biochemical Incubator

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Scope of application:

Biochemical incubator is a special constant temperature equipment for water analysis and BOD determination, culture, preservation, plant cultivation and breeding test of bacteria, molds and microorganisms. It is mainly applicable to environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agricultural livestock, aquatic research, institutions and production departments.

* Large screen LCD program control, multiple groups of data on one screen display, easy to understand operation, precise control, blue backlight, easy to view at night.

* Visually display the operation process and set the value.

* With ultra-mild sensor abnormal protection function, to ensure the safety of instruments and samples

* With a gated design, the door automatically closes the circulating fan to ensure temperature fluctuation.

* Full foam box, more energy saving, window glass design, easy observation.

* With power failure memory, power failure time automatic compensation function, power failure after the restart can continue the original working state.

Temperature control range0°C~50°C
Temperature resolution0.1°C
Temperature fluctuation±0.5°C
Humidity control range(Biochemical incubator without humidity control function)
Program functionTemperature, humidity independent setting, can be set 99 programs, each period of 0-99 hours 59 minutes arbitrary setting
Input power600W620W1000W1200W600W620W1000W
Working power supplyAC220V                  50hz
Working environment5~32℃   
Continuous running timeImported fully enclosed compressor, can run continuously for a long time
Inner dimension(mm) W*D*H432*500*843515*510*1085515*510*1405560*610*13801112*560*12321080*610*13801680*610*1380
Overall dimension(mm) W*D*H522*595*1365595*605*1620595*605*1940680*745*18701200*650*18951200*745*18701800*745*1870
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