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Intelligent Plant Incubator LCD HD Liquid Crystal Display Without Humidity

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Temperature control range:0~50℃ 

Temperature fluctuation:±1℃

Temperature uniformity:±1℃

Light level: 0 ~ 3 (Strong light: 0 ~ 8)


Heating power:300-1000W

Compressor power:190W-450W

Compression maneuver delay protection time:3min

Working mode:Continuous operation

Working environment: Temperature 0-35℃, no corrosive gas

Power supply:220±22V、50±0.5Hz


*Large-screen LCD program control, multiple groups of data on one screen display, easy to understand the operation, precise control, blue backlight, easy to view at night.

*Visual display of running process, light level, set temperature, box temperature, remaining time of running period, ambient temperature and protection temperature.

*Can set 1-99 time slot automatic conversion function, each time slot set time range 1-999 hours.

*Program control light level 0-8 adjustable (default level 0-3).

*The inner liner protection temperature can be set, higher than the inner liner protection temperature, the software and hardware will automatically cut off the heating power supply and protect the test sample.

*With ultra-mild sensor abnormal protection function, to ensure the safety of instruments and samples, optional full spectrum of plant growth lights, conducive to plant growth, improve disease resistance.

*Full tank stainless steel.

*With power failure memory, power failure time automatic compensation function, power failure after the restart can continue the original working state.

*Sensor fault automatic Chinese warning, easy fault analysis and elimination.

*Built-in multi-level password function to ensure data security.

*Can automatically set the sterilization start time, working time, effectively avoid the old manual switch misoperation caused by sample damage.

NameModelVolumeTemperature control rangeFluctuation/accuracyilluminanceExternal dimension(LxWxH)mmInside dimension (LxWxH)mm
Intelligent light incubatorKHG-160A160L0~50°C±1.0°C/0.1°C5500Lux700x770x1230610x630x500
Note: After each model, A represents 5500LUX,B represents 12000Lux, C represents 22000Lux, D represents 30000Lux, and the light intensity can be increased according to user requirements. Note: C and D are three sides of light. More than 600L is double door (that is, left and right door).
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