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Pure water system for  biochemical detection

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Professional Pure Water System for Biochemical Tests in Analytical Laboratories

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System Features >

● Product water quality conforms to GB -T6682-2008 Analytical laboratory water standards Secondary water quality requirements.

● Fully automatic operation, power-on self-test, tap water shortage and under-pressure protection, over-pressure/water Full automatic shutdown, real-time monitoring of water quality and conductivity display

● Microcomputer automatic control, touch button control, real-time monitoring on the indicator panel Each running state, fault flashing indication and voice alarm

● The system adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane and purification resin, and the components are imported and domestic Domestic first-line brand accessories, more stable operation, and guaranteed water quality.

● The system program controls the automatic flushing, and automatically flushes the reverse osmosis membrane when it is turned on and the water is full, prolonging the service life of RO.

● The shell of the consumables adopts a quick-plug design, which can be disassembled and replaced many times to replace the filter material. Convenient and quick.

● The system has low operating power, low noise, strong anti-interference, and a variety of accessories can be applied to various complex water qualities.

● When the turbidity of tap water is high, it is recommended to add a pre-automatic filter device, which can realize Automatic forward and reverse flushing function. (optional)

● Scope of application: Supporting various automatic biochemical analyzers, chemiluminescence instruments, enzyme labels Water for various medical tests such as instrument, hemagglutination instrument, microbial culture, reagent liquid preparation, etc.

Influent water quality will affect the quality of pure water and the life of the filter column, when the influent TDS =200 ppm , it is recommended to add a pre-softening device or use a two-stage reverse osmosis process .

Pre-processing; Integrated PP cotton ( PP ); Integrated activated carbon ( DUF ); reverse osmosis ( RO ); ion exchange ( DI ); UV lamp sterilization and digestion ( UV ); overtake filter ( UF ); terminal filter ( TF ) .

Technical parameters

process flowPP+DUF+RO+DI
Product water qualityTerminal water resistivity 18.25MΩ.cm Or conductivity≤0.1us/cm
Water production20/30/40/60/80/150/200/300L/H
water supply method24 hours unattended automatic water supply

System Requirements

electricity sourceSingle phase 220V AC
Water requirementsMunicipal tap water in line with the "Drinking Water Hygienic Standards"
Inlet pressure0.25-0.45Mpa
drainDN 25
ambient temperature5-45℃
ring territoryVentilation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion

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