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Smart Bacterial Incubator Fluorine Free Cooling for Biomedical Research

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Humanized design

* Imported compressor is used to fill fluorine-free environmental protection refrigerant, longevity, energy saving and environmental protection.

* High precision LCD display, intuitive display, accurate control.

* Stainless steel design, easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, solid and durable.

* There is a grade management password to avoid irrelevant personnel to change parameters at will, resulting in sample damage.

* The product reserves multiple expansion interfaces

* Unique ultrasonic humidifier design extends the service life of the humidifier and increases the beauty of the product.

Intelligent PLC control technology

* The interface is simple and clear, the operation is convenient.

* After the operation program is set up, the system automatically executes, simplifying the complex test process.

* Unique PID calculation method can perfectly control the set parameters.

* Power-off data is automatically saved, and incoming calls continue to run automatically from the power-off time.

* Sterilization time can be set at will, automatically shut down the ozone generator after sterilization, no manual operation is required.

Safety function

Unique hardware and software dual protection alarm function, system interface icon prompt and sound alarm.

When the limit is exceeded, the system automatically cuts off all working parts and sends an alarm to the user.

Temperature control range0°C~50°C
Temperature resolution0.1°C
Temperature fluctuation±0.5°C
Humidity control range40~95%RH
Humidity fluctuation±5~7%RH
Program functionTemperature, humidity independent setting, can be set 99 programs, each period of 0-99 hours 59 minutes arbitrary setting
Input power600W620W1000W1200W600W620W1000W
Working power supplyAC220V                  50hz
Working environment5~32℃
Continuous running timeImported fully enclosed compressor, can run continuously for a long time
Inner dimension(mm) W*D*H432*500*843515*510*1085515*510*1405560*610*13801112*560*12321080*610*13801680*610*1380
Overall dimension(mm) W*D*H522*595*1365595*605*1620595*605*1940680*745*18701200*650*18951200*745*18701800*745*1870
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