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Standard pure water for oral cavity &gastroenteroscopy

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Standard Central Ultrapure Water System for Oral Cavity & Gastroenteroscopy Use

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● The water quality of the produced water complies with the "WS 507-2016" technical specification for cleaning and disinfection of soft endoscopes and the "GB5749-2006" cleaning water standard.

● Automatic operation, protection against low pressure and water shortage of raw water, automatic shutdown when overpressure/full of water, real-time monitoring of primary conductivity LCD liquid crystal display.

● Microcomputer automatic intelligent control, touch button control, indicator panel real-time monitoring of each operating status, fault flashing indication and voice-activated alarm.

● The shell of the consumables adopts the modular quick-plug design, which is convenient and quick to replace.

● The system program controls automatic flushing, automatic flushing when the machine is turned on and when the water is full, prolonging the service life of RO.

● The system is equipped with an ultraviolet sterilizer and an ozone generator to strictly control the growth of bacteria, and an ozone generator can be added if there is a pipeline.

● The microfilter at the end of the system and the integrated fine treatment make the water quality more stable and reliable, and the plug-in design of the accessories makes it easier to replace the accessories.

● The system has low operating power, low noise, and strong anti-interference ability. A variety of accessories can be selected for various complex water qualities.

● When the turbidity of tap water is high, it is recommended to add a pre-automatic filter device, which can realize automatic positive and negative flushing functions. (optional)

● Application range: hospital oral cavity, dental chair and other supporting facilities, gastroenteroscopy center for cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment, utensils and articles, etc.

Influent water quality will affect the quality of pure water and the life of the filter column, when the influent TDS ≥ 20 0 ppm , it is recommended to add a pre-softening device or use a two-stage reverse osmosis process

Pre-processing; Integrated PP cotton ( PP ); Integrated activated carbon ( DUF ); reverse osmosis ( RO ); ion exchange ( DI ); UV light sterilization ( UV ); Ozone disinfection ( CY ); ultrafiltration ( UF ); terminal filter ( TF )

Technical parameters :

type NumberMK-XD100L/MK-XD200L/MK-300L
process flow100/150LPP+DUF+RO+UV 200L/300LPP+DUF+RO+UV+(CY)
Water production100/150/200/300L
Product water qualityConductivity≤10 us / cm ,
Bacterial count<10 cfu / ml ,
Bacteria removal rate ≥99.9%

System Requirements

power supply220V/AC 200W 50Hz100/200L-200W, 200L/1-2KW, 300L/2-3KW
Water requirementsMunicipal tap water tdS≤200ppm
Inlet pressure0.2-0.4Mpa
temperature Spend5-45℃
Installation EnvironmentVentilation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion
The corresponding water production can be customized according to actual needs

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