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Secure Your Research with Bio-Safety Centrifuges: Revolutionizing Laboratory Safety

July 19,2023

In the field of laboratory research, safety is paramount, especially when handling hazardous biological materials. We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking Bio-Safety Centrifuge, designed to provide exceptional protection for both researchers and samples. This article we will discuss the remarkable features of our Bio-Safety Centrifuge and discover how it revolutionizes laboratory safety.

biosafe centrifuge

Built-in UV Sterilization:

Our Bio-Safety Centrifuge takes sterilization to a new level with its built-in UV sterilization lamp. When the centrifuge's lid is closed, the UV light irradiates the chamber, ensuring thorough sterilization. This advanced feature eliminates the risk of contamination, providing a safe and sterile environment for your samples.

Aerosol Filtration Patent Certification:

With our Bio-Safety Centrifuge, you can trust in the highest level of aerosol safety. The chamber is equipped with a specialized aerosol filtration device, featuring three levels of efficient aerosol filter cotton. This system filters out aerosols generated during centrifugation, ensuring safe venting and protecting the external environment.

Optional Bio-Safety Sealed Rotors:

For enhanced safety, our Bio-Safety Centrifuge offers the option to equip bio-safety sealed rotors. Each rotor cup is equipped with an independent silicone gasket and a bio-safety sealed cover, effectively preventing the dispersion of aerosols during centrifugation. Minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensure the utmost safety for your research.


Double-Layer Sealed Door Design:

Our Bio-Safety Centrifuge features a double-layer sealed door design, ensuring a secure and airtight chamber. The chamber and motor are sealed with rubber gaskets, preventing aerosols from spreading during high-speed operation. Rest assured that your samples and the surrounding environment are protected.

AC Variable Frequency Motor with Programmable Settings:

Experience versatility and convenience with our Bio-Safety Centrifuge's AC variable frequency motor. It offers 10-speed adjustment levels and 30 programmable settings to meet a wide range of experimental requirements. Customize your centrifugation parameters to achieve optimal results, all while ensuring the highest level of safety.


With our Bio-Safety Centrifuge, laboratory safety reaches new heights. Trust in the reliability and precision of our Bio-Safety Centrifuge to secure your research and elevate laboratory safety. Please contact us to get more details of the biosafe centrifuge and take a step towards a safer research environment.

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