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Cold Light Source LED Light Incubator

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680L Volumn New Plant Growth Light Source Incubator Red Blue Yellow and Other Light Optional

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Light is one of the basic factors of plant growth and development. Light quality regulates plant growth, morphogenesis, photosynthesis, metabolism and gene expression. Controlling plant morphogenesis and growth through light quality regulation is an important technique in facility culture. As the fourth generation of new plant growth light source, it has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, long service life, short response time, small size, light weight, less heat, easy to disperse or combination control, which are different from other electric light sources.

ModelVolume(L)Inside dimension(MM|)External dimension(MM)Temperature control(℃)illumination intensity(LUX)Remark
KHG-680A-L6801100*400*12801200*670*19700-60℃ ±0.5~1℃0-5500Double door, LED bead light, light linear 0-100% adjustable. Default is 5500k monochromatic light Optional red, blue, yellow and other light
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