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High-Quality Lab Water Purification System Ultra Pure Water Machine Offers Unparalleled Water Quality for Laboratory

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● The water quality of the product complies with the first grade water standard of GB-T6682-2008 analytical laboratory water standard.

● Automatic operation, low pressure and water shortage protection for raw water, automatic shutdown when overpressure/full of water, real-time detection of primary resistivity LCD display.

● Full-automatic microcomputer control, touch button control, indicator panel real-time monitoring of each operating status, antique flashing indicator and voice-activated alarm.

● The consumable shell adopts the modular quick-plug design, which is convenient and quick to replace.

● The system program controls automatic flushing, automatic flushing when the machine is turned on and when the water is full, prolonging the service life of RO.

● The microfilter at the end of the system and the integrated fine treatment make the water quality more stable and reliable, and the plug-in design of the accessories makes it easier to replace the accessories.

● The system has low operating power, low noise, and strong anti-interference ability. A variety of accessories can be selected for various complex water qualities.

● When the turbidity of tap water is relatively high, it is recommended to add a pre-automatic filter device, which can realize automatic positive and negative flushing functions. (Optional) 9. Application range: Ultrasonic clarity, high performance liquid chromatography, atomic absorption/emission spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, TOC detection, ICP-MS, etc.

The quality of influent water will affect the quality of pure water and the life of the filter column, when the influent TDS =2 00 ppm , it is recommended to add a pre-softening device or use a two-stage reverse osmosis process

Pre-processing; Integrated PP cotton ( PP ); Integrated activated carbon ( DUF ); reverse osmosis ( RO ); ion exchange ( DI ); UV lamp sterilization and digestion ( UV ); ultrafiltration ( UF ); terminal filter ( TF )

Technical Parameters:

process flowPP+DUF+RO+DI+TF
Water production10/20/40/60L/H
water storage device10L/20L-3G, 40L/60L-11G
Product water qualityPure water conductivity ≤10 us / cm (25℃), ultrapure water resistivity  18.2 MQ / cm (25℃), total organic carbon ( TOC )<10 ppb , The number of microorganisms <1 cfu / ml , the number of particles (≤0.22 um )<1/ ml , absorbance (254 nm , 1 cm path) ≤0.001, Compatible silicon (calculated as SiO 2 )≤0.01 mg

System Requirements :

power supply220V AC10L/20L-45W, 40L-85W, 60L-100W
Water requirementsMunicipal tap water tdS value ≤200 us / cm )
Inlet pressure0.2-0.4Mpa
water intakeTwo or more pure water/ultrapure water
temperature Spend5-45℃
Installation EnvironmentVentilation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion

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