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Laboratory Ultra-pure Water Machine Water Purification Equipment for Medical Laboratory

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  • Technical Specifications

1. Application scope: ultrasonic cleaning, high performance liquid chromatography, atomic absorption, mass spectrometry analysis, TOC detection, ICP-MS, etc.

2. The water quality of the produced water is in line with GB-T6682-2008 analytical laboratory water standard level 1 water standard.

3. 3.2-inch LCD display, real-time display of operating status.

4. It can simultaneously display RO pure water conductivity, UP resistivity, temperature, time, tank water level, etc. online at the same time.

5. It can set the pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, pure water column, UV lamp and other consumables replacement time and consumables use the remaining time reminder function.

6. The system adopts double pump automatic operation and regular automatic circulation to ensure stable water quality.

7. The sterile water tank adopts sanitary injection molding, set air filter, stainless steel level sensor, submerged UV lamp, etc. to strictly control the breeding of bacteria in the water tank.

8. The shell of the consumables adopts a modular quick-plug design, which is convenient and quick to replace.

9. The system program controls automatic flushing, automatic flushing when starting up and when the water is full, prolonging the service life of RO.

10. The microfilter at the end of the system and the integrated fine treatment make the water quality more stable and reliable, and the plug-in design of the accessories makes it easier to replace the accessories.

11. The system has low operating power, low noise, strong anti-interference, and a variety of accessories can be used for various complex water quality.

12. When the turbidity of tap water is relatively high, it is recommended to add a pre-automatic filter device, which can realize automatic positive and negative flushing functions. (additional configuration)

>The quality of influent water will affect the quality of pure water and the life of the filter column. When the influent TDS is greater than or equal to 200ppm, it is recommended to add a pre-softening device or adopt a two-stage reverse osmosis process

>Pretreatment; integrated PP cotton (PP); integrated activated carbon (DUF); reverse osmosis (RO); ion exchange (DI); ultraviolet lamp sterilization and digestion (UV); ultrafiltration (UF); terminal filter (TF)

1. Basic parameters

1. Model: MK-SYHI- 4 0L (Other Volume Option: 10L, 20L, 60L)

2. Process flow: PP+DUF+RO+DI+TF

3. Water inlet requirements: municipal tap water (pressure 0.2-0.4Mpa temperature 5-45℃ TDS value ≤ 200us/cm)

4. Water production capacity: 4 0L/H

5. Power supplypower: 220V AC 45W

6. Water intake flow rate: ≥1.2L/min

7. Size : 530 * 450 * 930mm

8. Water storage device: 60 liters sterile water tank

9. Two or more water inlets for pure water and ultrapure water

2. Technical parameters

1. Pure water conductivity ≤10us/cm(25℃)

2. The resistivity of ultrapure water is 18.2MΩ/cm (25°C)

3. Total organic carbon (TOC)<10ppb

4. The number of microorganisms<1 cfu/ml

5. The number of particles (≤0.22um)<1/ml

6. Absorbance (254nm, 1cm optical path) ≤ 0.001

7. Compatible silicon (calculated as SiO2) ≤ 0.01mg

3. Configuration list

namemodel or specificationquantity
Chassis40 liters1 set
Preprocessing module20 inches1 set
Diaphragm pump75G1 set
Reverse osmosis system40L /h1 set
Sterile water tank60 liters1
Circulation pump02V1 set
Liquid level sensormulti-stage1 set
Terminal filter0.22um1 stick
Air filter0.22um1 stick
Purification column module20 inches2 sets
Water inlet solenoid valve
Flush solenoid valve
UV lamp module2851 set
RO water intake solenoid valve
UP water intake solenoid valve
High voltage controller
1 set
Low voltage controller
1 set
Switching power supply
1 set
Resistivity meter
1 set
1 batch
Microcomputer processor
Electrical control system
1 set
Control Panel
1 set

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