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How to Choose the Perfect Centrifuge for Laboratory Research

July 12,2023

When you need a centrifuge, you will have your own requirements, such as maximum speed, maximum RCF and tube volume, which the centrifuge must meet, in addition to this, you need to check other important indicators of the centrifuge, because a good centrifuge not only performs well, but also has fewer problems and a longer lifespan.

Choosing the right centrifuge is critical to achieving optimal results in laboratory research. With so many factors to consider, making an informed decision can be overwhelming. Don't worry, in this article we'll provide you with an in-depth look at the key elements of a superior centrifuge and provide you with the knowledge to do so.

Exceptional Motor Performance:

Powerful and reliable motors are at the heart of high-performance centrifuges.Centrifuges should be equipped with robust motors for stable speed control, rapid acceleration and smooth deceleration for optimal centrifugal results. There are three types of motors: Variable frequency motor, brushless motor and brushed motor, among which variable frequency motor has the best performance. Variable frequency motors have good performance, long service life, low noise, high speed accuracy, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. At MKE, most of our centrifuges are equipped with top-of-the-line variable frequency motors, providing excellent performance and precision for your research.


Durable Alloy Housing and Stainless-Steel Chamber:

Durability and longevity are vital in laboratory equipment. Choose a centrifuge with a sturdy alloy housing and a stainless-steel chamber. These features not only ensure robustness and resistance to corrosion but also provide easy cleaning and maintenance. Our centrifuges at MKE are built with high-quality materials to guarantee the longevity and reliability you deserve.


Automatic Rotor Recognition:

Efficiency is key in a fast-paced laboratory environment. Look for centrifuges with automatic rotor recognition capabilities. This feature simplifies the process of rotor installation, ensuring accurate and secure attachment without the need for manual adjustments. Experience seamless workflow and time-saving convenience with our centrifuges' automatic rotor recognition feature.

Superior Cooling Performance ( for refrigerated centrifuges):

Temperature-sensitive samples require centrifuges with excellent cooling performance. Look for models with reliable cooling capabilities to maintain precise temperature control during runs.

For good cooling performance, a refrigerated centrifuge must be equipped with a good compressor and temperature control system.MKE refrigerated centrifuges are equipped with high-quality compressors, some of which are imported, and PID dynamic temperature control system or hot and cold dual circuit temperature control system. The temperature range is -20℃-40℃, and the temperature accuracy is as high as ±1℃.

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Let our refrigerated centrifuges which are designed with advanced cooling systems to help you ensure sample integrity even during long runs.

Additional Advanced Features:

In your search for the perfect centrifuge, consider additional features such as biosafety features, imbalance protection, automatic safety door locks, etc. that enhance safety, usability, and overall convenience.

For a good centrifuge, it also should be able to display and modify parameters such as speed, RCF, and time. It should also have a large storage space, for example, the MKE VL-200B high speed centrifuge can store up to 30 programs so you can quickly start a new centrifugation task next time.


Choosing a good centrifuge for your laboratory research is a critical decision that can significantly impact the quality and reliability of your results. By considering factors such as motor performance, durable construction, automatic rotor recognition, cooling capabilities, and advanced safety features, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your research requirements.

Unlock excellence in laboratory research with the perfect centrifuge. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of high-quality centrifuges and take your research to the next level.

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