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Recommend The Ultimate Blood Bank Centrifuge GR-800C for High-Capacity Applications

July 13,2023

In the world of blood banking and high-volume sample processing, efficiency, reliability and precision are critical. If you want a blood bank centrifuge, then we recommend the MKE GR-800C. Below we will introduce the features and benefits of the GR-800C so that you can get to know it better.


Maximum Capacity of 4*1000ml:

When processing large quantities of blood or other biological samples, the GR-800C with a capacity of up to 4 liters, equipped with 4x1000ml swing bucket and 4x500ml fixed angle rotors, it is the best choice for centrifuging and separating samples in blood banking centers, research laboratories, clinics, biotechnology, industry and hospitals.


Advanced Cooling System:

Maintaining optimal temperature is critical in blood banking. GR-800C boasts an advanced cooling system designed to provide precise temperature control, even during extended runs. This ensures sample integrity and preserves the quality of valuable blood components. With GR-800C, rest assured that your samples are in safe hands.

Programmable with 30 Stored Programs:

GR-800C offers unparalleled versatility with 30 programmable storage slots for customizable protocols. This empowers you to tailor centrifugation parameters to match specific applications and experimental requirements. Experience the freedom to optimize your processes and achieve consistent, reproducible results.

Microprocessor Control and High-Power AC Variable Frequency Motor:

GR-800C features microprocessor control technology, ensuring precise and reliable operation. Powered by a high-power AC variable frequency motor, this centrifuge delivers exceptional performance, rapid acceleration, and smooth deceleration. Enjoy the convenience of reliable and efficient centrifugation for your blood bank needs.


10 Speed Acceleration and Deceleration Curves:

To meet diverse blood bank requirements, GR-800C offers 10 pre-programmed speed acceleration and deceleration curves. This feature allows you to select the ideal acceleration and deceleration rates for different types of blood components, ensuring gentle and optimized separation. Simplify your workflow and achieve the desired separation outcomes effortlessly.

Automatic RPM/RCF Conversion:

The GR-800C's automatic RPM/RCF conversion function simplifies operation. Centrifugal force (RCF) and Speed(RPM) can be automatically converted, providing flexibility and convenience during centrifuge setup and operation. Say goodbye to manual conversions and enjoy seamless data interpretation.

Silent Operation with "Low-Noise" Patent Technology:

Experience the tranquility of a quiet laboratory environment with GR-800C's "low-noise" patent technology. With a maximum operating speed below 58 decibels, this blood bank centrifuge minimizes noise disturbances, allowing for a peaceful and focused work environment.


GR-800C, the ultimate blood bank centrifuge, combines exceptional capacity, advanced cooling system, programmable, microprocessor control, automatic RPM/RCF conversion, and silent operation. Trust in the reliability and precision of GR-800C to optimize your blood bank separation, streamline your workflow, and preserve sample integrity.

Contact us now to explore the exceptional capabilities of GR-800C and experience the future of blood bank centrifugation.

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