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Refrigerated Centrifuge Low Speed with Best Precise Separation

Applications:Blood banks, transfusion facilities,Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology
Max.Capacity6*2400ml/12 pcs 500ml blood bags
Temperature control range-20℃~+40℃
Matched RotorsSwing Rotors
Model Number:FR8-B12 (old model:CVR-80B)
Certification:CE, ISO13485,ISO9001, SFDA
Warranty1 year warranty for the whole machine, 3 years warranty for the compressor and 5 years warranty for the motor. Free replacement parts and shipping within warranty.
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The FR8-B12(old model:CVR-80B) is a refrigerated floor-standing centrifuge specifically designed for use in blood banks and transfusion facilities. With a maximum capacity of twelve 500 ml blood pouches per run, it enables efficient processing of large specimen volumes. The centrifuge reliably delivers excellent and reproducible sedimentation results thanks to its very smooth running.

It is an efficient, high performance blood bank centrifuge.

The high-performance refrigeration system can be adjusted precisely over a temperature range from -20°C to +40°C. The Rapid Temp quick cooling function allows the centrifuge chamber and accessories to be pre-cooled to a defined temperature, which is particularly important when working with pre-chilled blood pouches.


● High-quality steel structure with a built-in steel explosion-proof protective inner sleeve, three layers of protection, safe and reliable. 304# stainless steel chamber are autoclave-able and resistant detergents and disinfection liquids.

● The rotor body is made of national aviation standard aluminum LC4, processed and shaped after forging treatment and A-level depth flaw detection treatment, and passed static balance test and dynamic balance test.

● Observations window on lid for speed calibration and noise measurement.

● Microprocessor control with carbon brushless large torque frequency conversion motor, maintenance-free, no dust pollution.

● Flexible shaft drive system to directly drive the rotor head, smooth running, small vibration, low noise.

● LCD display the parameters of Speed, Timer, RCF, Rotors, Program(Memory), Acceleration& Deceleration information and Error code information.

● Double layers sealing ring made for the centrifuge lid and the instrument to keep long good sealing.

● up to 12 bags of 500 ml whole blood at once, a separation of 14400ml of specimens.

● With wind cover shield, which covers the rotor and helps to prevent air currents from affecting the specimens being processed.


User friendly

● CFC free refrigeration system, double-cycle refrigeration, heating and cooling double-loop control, strong heat and cold exchange capacity, no environmental pollution, precise temperature control.

● Pre-cooling feature, Precise temperature control up to – 20°C.

● Programmable and storable, stores up to 30 programs and provides direct user access with one keystroke save. The stored parameter: combination remains in the memory even after the centrifugation has been switched off.

● Provides the 10 acceleration rates and 10 braking ramp, to effectively avoid secondary sedimentation, with better centrifugation effect.

● Automatic lid-locking and holding during rotor run

● Easily exchangeable rotors, special rotor connector which makes it easy to load and unload rotor.

● Automatic troubleshooting with indication of error code and alarm on the screen.

● “Mute”patent technology. Noise level lower than 58 decibel at the highest rotational speed.

● Automatic rpm/rcf conversion

● Automatic rotor identification system, coded rotor identification prevents the rotor from over speeding.



● Produced according to international safety regulations (e.g. IEC 61010)

● Safety Electrical lid interlock,door can not open when rotor is running and machine won’t run when lid open and error code appears.

● Emergency lid-lock release when power failure(very useful in an unexpected power interruption).

● Gas hinge for lid drop protection.

● Safety protections are made for the over speed, over heating(motor, chamber), imbalance etc to ensure the man machine safety.


Speed range(rpm)0-8000rpm adjustableSpeed accuracy±20r/min
Max Capacity(ml)6*2400ml/12 pcs 500ml blood bagsTemperature range(℃)-20℃~+40℃ adjustable
RCF range (xg)0-11260xg adjustableTemperature accuracy±1℃
Time range1-99h59minutes adjustableAcceleration/Deceleration rates1-- 12
Noise(dBA)≦65dB(A)Daily-use program30
Dimension940×1000×1300mm(L×W×H)Net weight(without rotor)580KGS
DisplayLCDPower supplyAC380V,50HZ,15A
Control&drive microprocessorBrushless A.C. motor with big torque and frequency conversion,microprocessor control



Angle Rotor6×1000ml8000r/min14900xg


Swing Rotor6×2400ml4000r/min5330xg



Swing Rotor6×2×1000ml4000r/min5800xg



Swing Rotor8×2000ml4000r/min5716xg

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